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What should SEO reporting practices include

Internet marketing

Search engine optimization companies aim to take a website and get it high Google rankings results so that website will ultimately receive more web traffic, which will most likely translate into more sales and a better bottom line. So having a high search engine ranking is important to business, and SEO reporting will let a business know what the SEO is doing to ensure that this happens.

What a company should really concern itself with when reading SEO reporting stats, is how they are doing with Google. This is because Google currently receives between 65 and 70 percent of the search engine market share. That means 65 to 70 percent of people using search engine sites are using Google. That means it is very important to a business that their Google search engine ranking is as high as possible. And just how large of a company has Google become? Large enough that they use can rent goats to graze the grass on the front lawn. And they are quirky enough that their very first “doodle” on their front page depicted the Burning Man, which was an out of office message that the owners had gone to the festival.

So SEO reporting should be informing a business of how they are fairing within the rankings of Google, but why should a company even hire an SEO in the first place? Well, simply put, an SEO company can market a website to a larger audience for less money than if a company tried to do it in house. The inbound leads generated from SEOs alone are 61 percent less than any outbound lead, such as cold calling, and on the internet, many companies simply do not have the resources or know how to generate the kind of results that an SEO can.

One major way in which the difference between a company outsourcing an SEO company and trying to do its own marketing can be seen in the mobile device marketing industry. SEO companies have the know how and skill to effectively market a business on the ever increasing mobile market, whereas most businesses will not have the first deal of how to go about this. Nearly half of mobile users use their mobile devices to look up products and services, so it is an important market to utilize for a business. Successful SEO reporting will reflect this mobile market trend.

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