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Become an Internet Sensation with Internet Marketing

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Google created the first ever Google doodle in 1998. People from all over the world tuned into the search engine to see the picture of the Burning Man, but little did they realize that they were creating an Internet search engine giant. Today, people from all over the world no longer come to Google just for the pictures; they use the search feature on Google as a way to find news, information, and new websites.

Online businesses can try to capture the attention of these Internet users by engaging in Internet marketing that places a heavy emphasis on search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is an Internet marketing technique that works to help websites increase the number of visitors they receive on a daily basis by having a higher search engine ranking. The higher the search engine rank, the more people will notice a particular website.

There are a number of SEO tools that can be used to correctly launch this Internet marketing technique. Seo blogs, backlinks, high quality content, and social media websites all can be used to successfully help a website achieve a higher ranking on search engines.

The question that arises is why a business or online website would want to engage in this type of Internet marketing. The answer to that is because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers just waiting to be drawn in to a particular website. The statistics suggest that there are over 100 billion searches performed every month on Google. Businesses can use Internet marketing to attract the attention of those people.

Businesses that wish to attract the attention of the 92 percent of adults who use search engines and the 50 percent of mobile device users who use search engines, may want to consider launching a successful Internet marketing strategy that places a heavy emphasis on search engine optimization.

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