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Search Engines and Search Marketing

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Have you ever heard of the Google Doodle? Most people know what this is, however there are still a lot of people who have no clue what we are talking about here. If you do just a tiny bit of research you will soon discover that the Google Doodle is that image that you see when you go to use the Google search box. The first doodle began showing up in 1998. This is when Google co founders, Brin and Page, used their burning man doodle as a form of out of the office message. When they used that doodle people who knew them would know that they were at a festival in Nevada.

Google has grown tremendously over the years and is one of the most used search engines. They say that 92 percent of the people going online today start off using a search engine. In 2012, almost 90 percent of internet users were shopping and browsing for products and information online. In addition to that, surveys show that 40 percent of the search engine users will go to a social site to follow up on the products they want to buy. Going to a business social media site can give you all kinds of useful information. Today’s shoppers are staying more informed than ever.

Recently one of the biggest trends regarding the use of the internet involves the use of mobile devices to shop for things online. People also use their tablets to buy things online now too. One thing that search engine users do not like is the presence of paid ads. In fact, the majority of them say they prefer organic search results. Up to 70 and 80 percent even say they deliberately do not click on paid ads. This means that search engine optimization is extremely important.

If you are a business owner online you need SEO services. The key to success is to get your website to rank high in the search engines. Search engines are the driving force behind driving traffic to websites today. You website’s search engine ranking is critical for success. A website that does not rank well with the search engines will not get the traffic needed for success. Find out more about Seo marketing by talking to SEO firms about their services today.

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