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Living in Internet Nation

Internet marketing

The internet has affected almost every aspect of business and personal communications since its large scale adoption in the 1990s. The growth of broadband connections in households and offices across the globe has lead to the birth of the connected consumer and a more global economy. The internet is in many ways, an open door for knowledge and information. A user simply needs to use a search engine and type a term to be presented with hundreds of page results with related content.

The way people look and find information has been forever altered by the internet, search engines and in turn, search engine optimization. Instead of heading to a library for a book or using a phonebook, people go to their computers. Adult internet users will research products online and 40 percent will take their search one level further by following up on social media networks. It is increasingly important that brands and e commerce sites. Wondering what SEO means and how it works? SEO is building and maintaining content on a website that is current and relevant to your site and to potential customers of your site. SEO uses targeted keywords that are based upon analytical research of potential and current users of your site. A site that is well optimized has the best chance of showing up on the early rankings of a Google search. It has been reported that 42 percent of internet users click the top ranking organic search result. In the competitive internet marketplace, the right SEO tools and strategies can be the difference between a good search engine ranking.

With the new wave of mobile internet users and smartphones, search engine rankings and mobile friendly websites are even more crucial. When consumers are out shopping or looking for a restaurant or specific product, 65 percent of mobile internet users use their phone or tablet for searching. It remains to be seen to what extent mobile internet use and smartphone adoption rates will affect the way businesses and brands run their websites. But if the past few years are any indication to how quickly the internet landscape can change, it looks like we are in for an exciting future.

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