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Reasons to Consider Using Online Marketing Solutions like SEO

Internet marketing

If you believe online marketing is not all that important, consider this: Forty two percent of users searching for information online will click on the very first link of the organic results that appear. If you do not currently have an Internet marketing plan in place that includes both search engine optimization and other similar tools like social media, you are seriously falling behind your competitors. Most have already understood and accepted SEO marketing as the wave of the future, or more accurately the current wave. And a lot are already probably riding pretty high on that wave.

If online marketing has not made it into your company’s plans just yet, also consider this fact: Fifty eight percent of people will start their search for a service or product using a search engine, versus the twenty four percent who go directly to a company’s website and the 18 percent who go through social media to get answers. So basically, more than half the population will use search engine rankings to tell them which products and services to choose.

If online marketing still has not seemed strong enough to warrant paying for it, do a keyword search for whatever your company offers on Google, then see where you rank. Google gets between sixty five and seventy percent of the share of the search engine market, meaning most people use this site to research information. If your company is nowhere near the top or even the first page of a result, reconsider online marketing. Google has been around for quite a while and has paved the way in many ways for today’s top search engines. It sent out its first doodle in 1998 when its founders Page and Brin were attending the Burning Man Festival in Nevada and sent an imaging of a man burning, and the company’s standard PageRank algorithm was actually named after Page.

Through online marketing technologies like Seo tools, your company’s links will appear higher up in these organic rankings. You will have less to worry about with respect to your online marketing profile when SEO becomes part of your marketing plan. It has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to work more effectively at gaining a company’s stronger positioning than any other form of online marketing out there. With SEO, your presence will be improved and ideally your sales will rise because of your enhanced ranking.

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